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One of the hardest task a human might have to do is to say goodbye to loved ones as he or she enters a prison. Depending on their marital status this might impact the family financially and will definitely impact any children involved. Keeping people out of prison that do not belong because of a mandatory minimum or a disparity is pivotal for a healthy family.

The 88,000

Filthy and Faded

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As I begin to write this, I sit 30,000 feet in the air above the empty city of Fort McMurray. A place where for the past week my boots have been on the ground fighting the most merciless and unrelenting fire I will likely ever see for the rest of my career as a fire fighter.  My city, my home was under siege; fire on all sides.  In the end no house was safe and no neighbourhood would remain untouched.

Surrounded by a wall of fire, we took a stand.

This has been a week of polarized emotions.  Fear and courage; despair and hope; loss and triumph.  Wins have felt few and far between and in that first 48 hours there were some deep moments of pain.

“Abandon Abasand”

“Beaconhill is lost”

“We are going to lose the airport”

“The water treatment plant is on fire”

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Apple Squashes App That Warned When Your iPhone Was Hacked — Fortune

Apple has removed an app from its App Store that was designed to detect whether iOS-based devices had been infected with malware, among other issues. The company removed System and Security Information from its App Store on Saturday, saying the program had violated Apple’s guidelines, according to the app’s creator Stefan Esser. Apple AAPL said…

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The Daily Post

Healthy is the only way that you should go through life. Out of my group of friends the ones who exercise on a daily basis are much happier than the one that simply sit on the couch and play video games all day.  Eating habits are one main concern when it comes to being healthy.  If you go through the drive thru for your daily meals, chances are that you will not make it to see 70.   Continue reading “The Daily Post”