Education is the Key for Success

Books for Schools
Increased Funding

Kids that stay in School, Stay out of trouble.  Many schools do not have sufficient funding to maintain a level of education that children deserve.  By decriminalizing drugs, this simple action could provide children with the tools they need in order to be successful.


School to PRISON pipeline

Just 15-20 years ago, children who got in trouble were dealt with by the principle and the parents.  In present time, if you are caught with any drug related items, you are now sent over to the juvenile justice system.  With U.S. school having zero tolerance policies, kids simply do not get detention, they go to a Juvenile Detention Center.  These centers are controlled by the state, permanently adding the child’s name to the Justice System.  By taking the children out of schools and placing them into detention centers, we are stripping them of their education.  Eliminate the low-level drug possession charges and we can keep our children safe and in schools.