With over 50% of people incarcerated for drug related offenses, if we cut out the low-level possession charge, we could free up numerous resources, keep our kids out of jail, while moving society in a positive direction, not in regression.


Highway Patrol

As we drive down the road we often see people standing outside their automobile in handcuffs watching the officer search their car, and guess what… If he finds any sort of illegal substance you are going to jail. And yes if it’s a small personal amount you probably have a 50/50 shot of heading to jail. If we decriminalized it, you would just get a citation. 

Family is 1st

One of the hardest task a human might have to do is to say goodbye to loved ones as he or she enters a prison. Depending on their marital status this might impact the family financially and will definitely impact any children involved. Keeping people out of prison that do not belong because of a mandatory minimum or a disparity is pivotal for a healthy family.